Wondering what to do with your pre-loved Salty Beast garments? Our vibrant prints would look amazing repurposed as a hair scrunchie, could make a fresh new scarf for dolly, or how about crafting one of our very own plaited anklets.

Why? Our future goal is to one day become truly circular, so we are on a serious mission to keep our products out of landfill. 
Established in August 2019, our Salty Beasts Take Back Program enables customers to return their preloved Salty Beasts garments for R&D and recycling. 
In return for helping us save our planet, for every 200 grams of clothing returned you will receive a $10 credit towards your next Salty Beasts purchase. All pieces must be Salty Beasts originals and can be in any condition whatsoever. Just send us an email with a photo of the garment/s and we will reply with a special code and details of where to send - how easy is that!

We are also working behind the scenes to channel unused and unwanted Salty Beasts gear around the world to those who are in need of swim-activewear most. Subscribe to our tribe to keep up to date with our #saltytakeback. In the meantime, we would love to see how you have repurposed our gorgeous garments. Hashtag us with your awesome ideas to get featured.